This November, take on the challenge solo or with a team – so we can take on lung cancer – Register for FREE and pick your distance!

What is Swim Distance?

Swim the Distance is a swimming challenge open to all ages and abilities. Simply register for free, pick the distance you would like to complete and head down to our Main Pool during opening hours throughout November!

You can complete your swim in one go or across November, as team or individual – then claim your free medal and certificate!

What Distances can I swim?

1 Mile – 65 lengths

5 Miles – 325 lengths

10 Miles – 650 lengths

Marathon – 1,703 lengths

50 Miles – 3,250 lengths

100 Miles – 6,500 lengths

Why Should I sign up?

The Money raised from completing the swim will go directly to funding vital lung cancer research, early detection and supporting those living with lung cancer.

Swimming also strengthens the body, helps relax the mind, regulates breathing, stimulates circulation, helps improve lung capacity and keeps your lungs fit.


Please visit for more information and to register!