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Our equipment sits in a spacious and contemporary gym suite where you can workout at your own pace. With a wide selection of guided workout programmes on offer, our welcoming fitness suite with a range of machines and equipment available, coupled with the expert guidance of our fully trained staff means we can quickly help you to achieve your health, fitness, and toning or muscle strength goals.

Easy to use

Our vast equipment mix provides a total body workout for users of all ability levels.

Designed ultimately for comfort and workout performance the simple to operate machines are accessible by all.

Just some of the many benefits and features our revolutionary fitness equipment:

  • Choose your own appropriate preset workout for your session or create your own as you go, giving increased flexibility with 100% monitoring
  • The system acts as a motivational tool so you can see your progress towards your targets
  • Communication between you and our fitness advisors is improved, as progress can be tracked digitally
  • Medical conditions can be more easily monitored
  • Our system is able to produce a variety of reports on the data it has gathered, such as attendance records, weights lifted, distance travelled, calories burned etc. Reports can be produced for individuals, groups and totals over any period of time 

Why not come and experience our first class facilities and let our team of fully trained and dedicated staff build you a personalised work out built with you in mind.


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