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Aerobics / Areotone

Cardio & Toning – Highly motivating class to get your pulse racing & heart pumping. A combination of high and low impact routines.


Aqua Cardio – Lively fun pool bed exercise to music class. Excellent for all ages and fitness levels. Great class for those with joint problems and pregnant ladies (Please advise instructor of pregnancy or injuries before the class)  Please click here to find out more!


Muscle Toning – This class use the latest body sculpting exercises and will work on every single muscle in the body in order to create the perfect toned body and shape.

Core Conditioning / Core 3D

Fast Class – a fast fun way to attack your abs and strengthen your core. This will help improve posture and balance and the all-important waist line. Great to achieve a better toned and functional core.


High Energy – High Intensity Interval Training. An advanced form of interval training, with alternating periods of short intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. H.I.I.T is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Theses short intense workouts will improve fitness, metabolism and hat burning.


High Energy – A class that’s tests your fitness to the limit, there is no equipment needed, its consists of a wide variety of body weight movements in intervals using work rest ratios. Click here to find out more!


Holistic – Strength and relaxation combined with fitness, for complete body and mind. Improves posture with absolute abdominal control. Class enables you to attain a firmer fitter body. Click here to find out more! 


An ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing.

Tai chi

A traditional Chinese method of exercise working with the flow of ‘chi’ or energy. Movement is slow and meditative promoting harmony between the mind and body.


Indoor Cycling – A fun and fast indoor cycling experience guaranteed to burn maximum calories and improve fitness levels. A highly motivating, non-impact class suitable for all ages and abilities. Click here to find out more!


High Energy – A fun and challenges class designed to target your legs, bums and tums. Step is a great way to burn fat, shape, tone and build muscles with the additional cardio element in that extra energy is expended when stepping on and off the platform. Click here to find out more!


Latin Dance –  The Latin inspired easy to follow calorie burning dace classes. Mixing salsa, rumba and funky dance routines. Click here to find out more!

*All Classes are included in memberships, subject to your membership type.

Price list for pay per visit customers:


Adult  – £5.10

Senior Citizen (60+) – £4.00