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Aqua Aerobics

Join us in the pool for an exhilarating, low impact workout combining cardio and toning. Swimming skills are not required and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and energised without putting added pressure on your joints. No booking required! Click here for class times.

 Cardio Tone

3 workouts in 1 Dance, tone and burn in this fun all over body workout! Click here for class times.

Fitness Pilates

An easy to follow class providing a great workout which is suitable for all fitness levels. This class uses traditional Pilate’s techniques, but places a strong emphasis on stretching your muscles to tone your body and improve your flexibility. Click here for class times.


Insanity works on the basis of intensity and is aimed at building strength and stamina. This high-energy class will help you on your way to lean muscle, fat loss and defined abs. This work out is designed to push you to your limits, so this class is not for beginners or the faint hearted. Click here for class times.

KS Spiked

KS Spiked works on 30:30 ratio. It combines imaginative cardio training with inventive body weight work. This mix of HIIT training spikes up the heart rate to burn maximum calories using various exercises. HIIT is High Intensity Interval training, suitable for all levels of fitness. Click here for class times.

NEW! Zumba

Zumba® combines both dance and fitness moves similar to Latin dances such as samba, mambo and salsa, as well as belly-dancing, hip-hop and martial arts, all set to a soundtrack of upbeat Latin music tempos. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Click here for class times.

Poco Loco

A Latin Dance work out that’s a little bit crazy! Want a fitness class that combines high energy, fun and results? It’s time to try Poco Loco! A fun and exciting fusion of Pop, Latin and International dance moves and music that promotes an effective and infectious workout. So…come on, dance like nobody’s watching and jiggle and shake your way to a stress-relieving, energy-producing, fitness experience Click here for class times.

Pump FX

If you are looking for a resistance workout that strengthens, tones and defines muscle then Pump FX is the class for you. A complete body workout that incorporating the use of barbells and adjustable weights, to help you to improve your muscular strength and endurance. This workout is suitable for all levels of fitness. Click here for class times.


This high energy class brings the outdoors indoors and is one of our most popular classes. A motivational group cycle class with energising music, where you combine speed and power to climb hills and sprint as fast as you can, makes spinning an incredible workout. Suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities and no need to worry – the bikes have got stabilizers! Click here for class times.

New! Spin Blast

NEW! This high intensity, high energy, 30 minute group cycle class is perfect for early birds and those with busy lifestyles. Kick start your day with an incredible workout, designed to leave you feeling motivated and energised. Not suitable for complete beginners. Please try our regular Spin classes first. Click here for class times.

Step N Box

A full on fusion of Boxing and Step. This fun high energy class will get your heart pumping and coming back for more! You are guaranteed to burn lots of calories! Click here for class times.

Step N Tone

New to fitness classes? Our Step & Tone class offers an intense workout. With a combination of simple step movements set to motivational music, it’s a fun and effective workout, followed by legs, bums and tums exercises, to tone and strengthen the whole body. Click here for class times.

Step Tonic

A medium to high intensity workout. Step Tonic is an energetic, fun workout designed to burn fat and help you tone up. Step up and down to the latest dance music in this great high energy class. Basic step choreography with beginner level combination alternatives. Click here for class times.

Strictly Ballroom

It’s time to dance yourself fit at Strictly Ballroom. A fun filled class teaching you to dance everything, from the Tango, Cha-Cha, Charlston, right through to the quickstep. No partner is necessary for this dance class. Expect plenty of fun and great fitness results. Click here for class times.

Total Body Conditioning

Get ready to get in shape with this total body workout. Total Body Conditioning tests both strength and stamina while taking your conditioning to a whole new level. Designed to tone and burn fat, this uncomplicated but effective all over body workout, is suitable for all fitness levels. Click here for class times.

Total Torso Training

Total Torso Training works the muscles of the back, waist and abdomen as well as the deep core muscles used to support the back. Torch fat in this fun and challenging class; combines your own bodyweight with cardio to shape your entire body. Exercises include aerobics, floor work and resistance. Click here for class times.

*All Classes are included in memberships, subject to your membership type.

Price list for pay per visit customers:


Adult  – £5.10

Senior Citizen (60+) – £4.00