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Tumble Tots  3-5 Years

Tumble Tots 3-5 Years

The springboard to confidence for your child!

Class Name: 3 Years – School Age

Age from and to: 3 Years – 5 Years

The format and structure of the class follows the same pattern of the 2 -3 Years class however, the biggest challenge and emphasis comes from children taking part in the class without the support of their parent. The class aims to provide an opportunity for children to take part in independent learning whilst being guided and supported by trained staff members. Children are given the opportunity to listen to instructions to enable them to work around the activity stations which are still focused on building their agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination skill set. The children are individually challenged during the class and learn to work positively with others around them.

The UK's Leading National Active Physical Play Programme for Children from 6 months  to School Age

The programme is carefully structured in to groups according to your children's age and stage of development. Using specially designed colourful equipment, children are helped to develop their physical skills whilst rolling, climbing, balencing and using handheld co-ordination equipment. Specially trained staff supervise the sessions to help  enhance your childs experience of the programme.

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