100,000m Ultra Marathon World Record Attempt
14th February, 2019

Would you be brave enough to attempt a 100,000m ultra marathon world record attempt?

Okay so I’m 29, over Christmas I set myself the challenge to complete 14 marathons in 14 days in memory of my nanna who I lost in November. I set the challenge to raise money for St Mary’s hospice who looked after my nanna and each marathon represented a day that she was in their care. I managed to complete the 14-day challenge with the support of my family and friends and I raised £5105 for the hospice so that is where it started really.

Before this challenge, I had never even attempted a marathon before and I proved to myself that with a bit if grit and determination and a good cause, it was possible. It wasn’t easy but it was possible. I actually managed to break the official world record for the fastest marathon done on a concept 2 ski erg.

I have always set myself goals to keep myself motivated so this felt like the next step up. I’m wanting to break the tandem ultra-marathon world record with my good friend Greg Crabtree, who kindly stepped in to help me through my original challenge. He rowed and skied a marathon with me on 2 of the 14 days so we decided we’d give this a bash together. He’s as competitive as me so we make a good team!

The current world record on a ski erg is 6hours 19mins. We are hoping to beat that. We aim to finish around 6hours 10minutes. My training regime is usually a couple of endurance sessions a week, a few interval sessions and weights sessions too. I typically train twice a day every day! My hobbies are usually gym related, but a good hike up the lakes is always fun!!

Adam Harrison